Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vegan Dark Chocolate Liqueur Fills!

It's always great when people gift you thoughtful things- especially if those things are made up of chocolate and alcohol! 

I just got a surprise gift from the boyfriend- sinfully delicious vegan dark chocolate liqueur fills from Anthon Berg! So if you love your liqueurs and love chocolate, Anthon Berg might just be the thing for you. 

And the little bottles are oh-so-cute!!


  1. I m not a chocoholic but trust me these are the most yummyiest chocolates which melts in ur mouth and blast of liquor hummm sooo tasty.

  2. where can i buy these?????

  3. Which city are you in? These are available in any store that sells imported chocolates.

  4. can i find this in brazil ?