Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Faux Leather Peeptoes in Purple & Nude

These are some seriously stylish vegan stilettos from Pulse in Bandra. Located just across the road from KFC, the store retails a variety of non-leather options both in flats and high heels. I found this particular style was just perfect in shape, color, height of heel and finish. 

And not a bad find for Rs 1499 per pair!

Roasted Mushroom & Tofu Burger from Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli's Roasted Mushroom & Tofu Burger on a five-grain bun at the Indigo Deli is light and nutritious. Served with a side of red cabbage and lettuce and of course- chunky potato wedges with a herb seasoning. If you want to add a bit of zing to the meal, ask for their special sweet and spicy mustard sauce- it makes all the difference to the meal! 

Indigo Deli has opened shop at a few locations in Mumbai.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mock Meat Hot Dog from Hog Dog!

Having been a meat-eater most of my life, I often have very severe meat cravings. I've found that biting into one of Hog Dog's veggie dogs can take care of these cravings most effectively. The hot dogs come in quite a few nice flavors- Original New York, Chicago BBQ, Smoked Texas and Mexican Dream. I would recommend the Original New York with a dash of red chilli. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dairy-free Sorbet from Italian Gelato

Italian Gelato has 4 new dairy-free flavors this season- Pineapple Sorbet, Raw Mango Sorbet, Blackcurrant Sorbet and Kala Khatta Sorbet! They're fresh and fruity and can really cool the insides in this hot weather! 

Oh! And did I mention they're priced at 20-50 rupees a cup!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fun, Eclectic and 100% Desi- Vegan Bags by Limited Edition

Hiral and Nidhi started Limited Edition in 2008. They make some amazing vegan bags using printed fabrics, fabrics in solid colors and faux leather. They are against the use of all animal derived materials like silk and leather and that's what makes their bags this season's top choice in ethical fashion accessories! 

"Using leather promotes a very cruel lifestyle and gives people an excuse to exploit animals for fashion. We would rather use ethical and cruelty-free alternatives- they look better and feel great!", says Nidhi.  

To order from Limited Edition's most recent catalog visit their Facebook page at They will deliver almost anywhere! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homemade Vegan Pizza!

Vegan Shitake Mushroom and Tofu Pizza

I have looked high and low for a decent vegan pizza in Mumbai and while most of them are okay, the options are limited. Ray's Pizzeria in Bandra West has a few vegan options and Domino's (in fact most pizza places) will make you a cheese-less pizza- so you could definitely try that option. Escobar made me a cheese-less thin crust pizza the other night but they decided to scrimp on the tomato sauce and that kind of killed the joy. So I decided to make my own no-bake vegan pizza. The method is so simple you'll want pizza every night of the week. 

For the base: Buy thin crust brown pizza base (Regal Plus in Pali Naka stocks some). 

For the tomato sauce: Fry some finely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil. Add freshly puréed tomatoes to this. Add a couple of cups of water. Add red chilli flakes, red chilli powder, black pepper, salt, any herbs you might have at home (oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, parsley), and let the sauce cook till it is quite dry. 

  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Sweet corn kernels 
  • Button mushrooms
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Firm Silken Tofu. (see below)

Pizza 1: Sweet Corn, Mushrooms, Black Olives & Tofu 

Toast the pizza base on a tawa or griddle till it looks a nice crunchy brown. Spread the tomato sauce nice and thick. Mix the chopped button mushrooms with the sweet corn and sauté with some salt and pepper and maybe some dried herbs. Layer this onto the pizza generously. Crumble some tofu on this. Dribble some extra virgin olive oil on the pizza and dig in!

Vegan Sweet Corn, Black Olive and Mushroom Pizza

Pizza 2: Shitake Mushroom, Black Olives, Tofu and Fresh Basil

Toast the pizza base on a tawa or griddle like before. Spread the tomato sauce on the base. Add sautéed shitake mushrooms, some olives, crumble some tofu and tear some basil leaves. And you're done! 

Vegan Shitake Mushroom and Tofu Pizza

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vegan Fusilli Aglio Olio with Broccoli, Asparagus and Chilli

My boyfriend recently remarked that he has never seen anyone "going gaga" over asparagus the way I do. I admit I have a problem. Asparagus is awesome! Years back I read a short story by Maugham called The Luncheon and this is what he had to say about asparagus in the story:

"The asparagus appeared. They were enormous, succu­lent and appetising. The smell of the melted butter tickled my nostrils as the nostrils of Jehovah were tickled by the burned offerings of the virtuous Semites. I watched the abandoned woman thrust them down her throat in large voluptuous mouthful and in my polite way I discoursed on the condition of the drama in the Balkans. At last she finished."

And that was it. I decided it was my favorite thing to eat, right then. 

I had never seen asparagus at the time. 

Asparagus is a low calorie source of folate and potassium. And you can't complain about its flavor. So here's a simple vegan pasta I cooked for "luncheon" today. 

Here's how to make it:

Take lots of garlic. Coarsely chop and fry lightly in olive oil. Add some chopped onions to this. Then add some broccoli and asparagus to this. Add whole dried red chilies, red chili flakes, salt, pepper and Rasa's Mediterranean Spice Blend ( Steam some asparagus in another pan. Put everything on a plate and dribble some extra virgin oil onto the pasta and asparagus. And another fabulous(ly simple) vegan meal is ready!

Rasa's Mediterranean Spice Blend. Designed by Shaun Kenworthy, The Park, Kolkata