Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hot "Buttered" Toast Anyone?

I know that as a vegan one of the things I really miss is hot buttered toast in the mornings. Which is why I got really excited when I spotted some vegan butter at Nature's Basket the other day! (India doesn't yet have very many options for good dairy-free butter substitutes) The Nuttelex range (imported from Australia) is dairy, milk & lactose free; sucrose & egg free; nut oil free; gluten free (there’s no wheat, no rye, no barley or malt) and totally yeast free. Available at Nature's Basket for Rs 497 for a 500 gm pack, this is definitely going to be worth it when you can spread a generous portion of it on toast for breakfast!

Nuttelex has six nutritious natural seed oil spreads- Original, Lite, Olive, Olive Lite, Kosher, Pulse. 

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