Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vegan Pizza at Ray's Cafe and Pizzeria

Ray's Cafe and Pizzera is a cute little pizza parlour tucked away behind Nature's Basket on Hill Road (Bandra W) in Mumbai. Their pizzas have a dangerously thin "Skinny" crust (although I prefer the slightly thicker regular crust) with perfectly seasoned toppings and a wide range of combinations to cater almost anyone who walks through their doors. They have pizzas without cheese, old-style pizzas without sauce, pastas, sandwiches, burgers and and range of excellent sides and coolers!

I love Ray's for their special vegan menus (see below). Their Hearty Vegan pizza with spinach and artichokes (and I like to add mushrooms on mine) is an absolute delight. I never miss the cheese because the sauce, artichokes and spinach combine to give the pizza a creamy texture of their own. The grilled eggplant pizza with garlic and basil is also finger- lickin' good! And Ray's does not scrimp with their extra virgin olive oil at all!

I suggest go to Ray's with a bunch of vegan and non-vegan friends and order one of everything- a couple of vegan pizzas, a Veganopoly Sandwich, a couple of vegan salads, spaghetti with fresh tomato & herbs, some fries, a plate of onion rings and a pitcher of Lemon Grass Dash!

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