Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Chinese" Bhel and Aloo Frankie @PVR Juhu

Going for a movie after work can turn into a food hunt pretty quickly. Thankfully all the PVR cinemas in Mumbai are pretty vegan-friendly and I found two AMAZING vegan snacks at the cinema's food court this week. The first is called "Chinese" Bhel- it's an oriental spin on the traditional Mumbai street food- Bhel Puri. Bhel is a spicy, tangy, crunchy street food that will leave you in tears (of joy of course!), and this "Chinese" spin on it does not leave your palate disappointed. PVR's version is actually VERY spicy, so be sure to ask them to tone down the chilli sauce if you can't handle it. 

The Veg Frankie is also a hot carby snack- it's basically spicy mashed potatoes wrapped in flat bread. It's served steaming hot and will satisfy all your after-work food cravings. A couple of frankie rolls and a plate of Chinese Bhel is sure to get you through any film, even if it's a really terrible Bollywood movie that makes you wish you had just stayed home and watched the news. 

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