Monday, January 21, 2013

Vegan Momos at BusaGo in Bandra

BusaGo is the latest in a line of quaint places to open up in Pali Naka in Bandra. It is a South-East Asian restaurant that serves everything from Burmese 'Kaukswe' to stir-fries and Green Curry. The place is quite vegan friendly as far as the choice of food goes. Nothing vegan in the dessert section though. Nor any soy milk smoothies. 

I ordered the vegan momos and was not bowled over by them. The momos itself tasted just about okay (perfectly sized though!) but the sauces didn't do anything for me. There was a green chilly sauce a red sweet chilli sauce- neither of which are anything like the spicy hot momo sauce of the north eastern states of India. 

But do try the fresh juices. I tried the Good Morning Bandra which is a mix of orange, sweet lime and guava. I asked them to replace the guava with pineapple (which they were very nice about doing) and the result was delicious! 

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